skype hype

It lives up to it, I promise. I have no idea WHY we can all call internationally, domestically, inter-planetarily for free to practically-free, but we can. Grandparents can now see their grandkids every day, no matter how far away. Loved ones can feel close, always. It’s the wave of the future people, and Generation Z, or whatever-the-hell all the incoming zygotes are being called now, will never know anything different.

Best of all, my mom and I can laugh while Aunt Gert is on speakerphone. Somewhere, at a nursing home in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, there is a conspiracy. Stop the presses.




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2 responses to “skype hype

  1. Sonjey

    I’m so excited!!!!! yea! We’re coming to London… We’re coming to London!!!
    Roll out the red carpet for Sonjey and Ney Ney

  2. mira

    i so keep trying skype on my computer but i still keep getting an error message about my audio device recorder…ergh! looks like fun! my friend here talks to her family in china all the time.

    guess i’ll just have to go visit you 🙂

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