an ode on this 14 february

I suppose it’s my first Valentine’s Day as Mrs. Bryan Y (aka Ms. Yael X), and in honor of that, here are some thoughts on my husband.
Bryan is funnier than me, and sometimes even funnier than my brothers- which is scandalous and oh-so-attractive. He asked me on our very first date while in the doorway of my window-less office at Kaye Scholer in Washington, DC. It was to a baseball game, and I said I had to check my planner. Which is still funny to me because (a) what else would I rather be doing, and (b) I still use a planner. The paper with pen kind. Bryan is very impatient with people who work at rental car agencies, but incredibly patient with me. He embraces my late-ness and klutzy-ness and wandering mind. Bryan genuinely loves my family. Not because he is supposed to, but because he feels connected to, and grateful for, all of them. He can watch a movie once and remember the lines, and mimic the way they were delivered. That makes him as funny as Will Ferrell- when he’s being Will Ferrell. People say they can spot a Bryan-shirt a mile away. I can too. Usually it has brown stripes. I absolutely love the way he dresses. When we left the U.S. Bryan was most heartbroken at leaving his nephew, Aidan. I have never doubted for a moment in my life that he will be an incredible and very special father. Sometimes Bryan smiles so big or laughs in such a heartfelt way, that I make fun of him, for seeming a little girly. But then he makes fun of me for something, and off we go. He loves foreign affairs, reads important newspapers and magazines, but always remembers to buy me US Weekly when we’re at the airport. And also an apple juice. This is what it’s like when someone really knows you. We may weigh about the same, but when I walk down a street with Bryan, I feel unequivocally safe and taken care of. I believe in my mind he would battle 10 men in my honor. (Except for the time he screamed at a cab driver on Hoyt Street and I thought we would both be killed. Oh wait, and then the time in rural Pennsylvania when he mouthed off to a humorless hick of a police officer. I didn’t feel that safe those times.) When my parents call, I can hand the phone to Bryan. Ditto for my great Aunt Gert. Bryan doesn’t like hearing about her bowel movements, but he’s polite anyway. Whenever our friend Margaret meets a boy, her mom inevitably asks, “But is he a Bryan?” And I know just why my husband’s name can be used as an noun. Or is it an adjective. Bryan works hard- he always has. His mind never really leaves his obligations and responsibilities, and he always wants to be the best at work. Sometimes I bemoan his Blackberry-usage in the off-hours, but someone’s gotta run this show, ya know? Bryan was already regularly donating to charity when I met him. Bryan is the most loyal friend there is. Like me, he is still in love with his childhood friends. Some of them have told me that in some ways he keeps the “group” together. That is probably a stretch (incidentally, “Stretch” was his nickname in high school) but I know what they mean. He remembers to call, he cares about getting together, and he is never as happy than when around the people he loves. Bryan is still very much a man- in the ways I care about. He is a die-hard New York sports fan, and such a sports freak in general that lately we have been watching soccer, rugby, and can you believe this, HANDBALL, on British tv. He also does all the gross and annoying things that boys do. He really, really, really likes to travel. Thank you, god. Bryan makes his younger cousins laugh when he does impressions of his family members. These impressions have become somewhat famous in our familial circles. We have the same sense of humor. Even when I’m mad at him, I can’t help but laugh. He reminds me of my dad that way, and that is a compliment. He calls me Princess in the morning, and has a nickname for me that no one else ever came up with. Which surprises me, because it’s simple, and derived from my name, and I am a very nicknamed-person already. Bryan does better on standardized tests than me. He nicknames some of my friends, and even my mom. When I’m sick, he yells at me to drink fluids. This ode is sounding a little bit like that David Hasselhoff/Chuck Norris chain email that was going around. I don’t care. I knew I loved Bryan the first time we really spoke, and before that I had a crush on him anyway because he was the perfect height with the perfect hair. The eyelashes were a bonus. I am always calm when Bryan is around.


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6 responses to “an ode on this 14 february

  1. mah-mee (aka ney ney)

    Yael, this is the most beautiful testament to love that I have ever read. Someone far wiser than me once said that relationships that are 50/50 are doomed to fail. The relationships that succeed are 100/100. Each person is complete and whole and is able to give freely to the other, with no strings, no expectations that the other person “complete” them. Each is already complete. I think what is best about the two of you is that each of you respects the other total and complete person. Each day, no matter what that day brings, you are a gift to each other. And, yes, the eyelashes are, indeed, a bonus.
    I love you both far more than I can adequately express.

  2. Susan

    Where can I find a “Bryan”? Maybe at one of those stores that sell the A4 paper?

    You are both very very lucky and deserving of each other. 🙂

  3. Barks

    Maybe the most romantic read ever!!!

  4. Joyce

    Happy Valentine’s Day to lucky (blessed) Bryan and Yael! What a tribute. I’d give my right arm to meet a Bryan and be lucky enough to have him love me!

  5. Sonjey (Bryan's mom)

    What a beautiful love story. I get chills every time I read it! Thank you for sharing those special moments of love and laughter…. I admire you as individuals and I admire the love you share with each other…..

    mom (Sonjey) Bryan is and will always be the most important man in my life!!!!!

  6. Lindsay

    The tears keep rolling! Yael, you are amazing!

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