ate rat eels

tease alert.

a sea letter.

release tat.

Fun with real estate is what we’re talking about. First of all, things are not “for rent.” They are “for let.” So maybe you need a “letting” agent. Second, many flats in London come furnished. This is awesome, or should we say “brilliant.” Because who needs to buy furniture when they are here to explore and travel and drink at pubs constantly? Not me. Not I.

But shockingly, today I/we discovered that in Marylebone specifically, most of the flats for let come unfurnished. This is because the majority of all property is owned by one estate/family, and they don’t do furnishings, people.

So the solution is something that craigslist-savvy New Yorkers could never imagine: for 1,000-2,000 pounds, there are companies that will bring you all your furniture, and set it up, within 24 hours. It’s like pop-up insta-apartment. They’ll start your kitchen for you too. Etc. But then, at the end of your jubilant run in London, you have to pay to get everything disposed of. Boo.

I might never have to move back to the states because (drumroll), they show this here too.

And for my amazing brothers, and my other favorite blogger, you all are going to be jealous. Bryan is currently watching a tv show that consists of watching someone play Call of Duty. For that alone, it is worth the dollar to pound conversion that is murdering us.

Pint watch = still at 0. Yael has consumed no alcohol in her new country. Why???????????????



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3 responses to “ate rat eels

  1. mah-mee (aka ney ney)

    i wish i had comments but i have no idea what you are talking about. fortunately, this does not impact on my love or devotion. just don’t push it.

  2. Figger

    My V-day present to you both is not a loving sentiment, but a desperate plea that you initiate your UK-ness with a proper pint.

  3. Sonjey

    The furniture looks a little tacky….. and who are those girls????

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