interesting facts about our new homeland

No baby carrots. Only “carrot batons.” Sigh.

They use A4 paper, not 8 1/2 x 11.

A selling point on food products is “Fairtrade,” it’s even listed in the ingredients.

If you are buying eggs from caged hens, you will be warned, and admonished, and spit on. But they are much cheaper than free-range, whose packaging literally describes happy hens wandering freely in meadows, dropping eggs here and there, socializing with friends, and knitting on their days off.

We had an estate agent (aka Realtor) driving us around London today to look at flats. When we were in Kensington, she started to get really excited and kept saying, “Oh my gosh, up ahead is the best grocery store in all of London. It’s amazing, I can’t even believe it.” So of course I started to get excited because I had been reading about all these world-renowned food stores here, like Fortnum & Mason, Marks & Spencer and Harrods. So I am leaning up to the front of the car, stretching my neck, as she is trying to remember the name. We turn the bend, and it’s…

Whole Foods.



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2 responses to “interesting facts about our new homeland

  1. Barks

    I don’t have anything to say but HI and I love how you write just like you talk and don’t seem that far away AND how you have blogged so much already. Write more. It makes me laugh and makes the day go by quicker.

  2. Jeremy

    Wow – You’ve only been in the UK for 4 days and the two of you already have a blog with over 150 hits!! This blog is quickly becoming valuable advertising space…. Sell it (and give me 10%).

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